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Thought I would share a few more photos from our tour last year. Track bikes look ridiculous all loaded up.


As you can see, we now have the ability to take donations, with a neat little button and everything. I can understand that you may not want to donate because you think we might just use your donations to fund our beer habits, but we promise we won’t. All donations will be going towards the funding of projects ie. directly towards having new bike lanes done, or releasing cycling safety material etc. If you care about cycling in our city, and aren’t really sure how you can contribute or make a difference, this is a perfect start. Get involved, contact us, be heard, join the forward movement!

Go to this site, have a brew or two, and have fun.

My friend Sarah and I rode our bikes from Calgary,AB to Nelson, BC in the summer of 2009. It ended up being about 650 kms via fixed gear bike. I can’t express how much fun, and how big of an eye opener this trip was.

As some may already know, my roommate Topher and I are planning to ride our fixed gear bikes from Vancouver to Mexico. We plan on leaving august first, and being on the road for roughly two months. This will be an unsupported trip, meaning we will be carrying everything we need on our bikes. We don’t really know what to expect with the tour, but we’re certain it will be an unreal experience. Keep posted for updates on the tour, and other events and happenings in relation to this. If your interested in getting involved in any way, you can contact me at

3632 is an idea. It’s a movement. It’s a community. 3632 is a collective of forward thinking people, geared towards the constant progression, evolution, and forward movement of society. No one idea rules, rather a network of ideas, and counter ideas. It’s a complex system, ever changing, always moving.

what does this have to do with cycling?

To us the bicycle is a natural vessel for change. A self propelled device that takes you from one place to another, on any scale imaginable. The bicycle doesn’t operate without user input, much like any idea or social movement. Cycling has changed our lives, opened our eyes, and provided us with a different perspective on so many aspects of the world, and how it operates. We hope to share this experience. By spreading our love for cycling, we are creating a movement, a shift in perspective, and hopefully a shift in ideas, whatever those ideas may be. Cycling brings people together, and when people are brought together, they share, they explore, and they create change.